Wine is a beverage for healthy adults, absolutely incompatible with pregnant women or nursing mothers, as well as with immoderate drinkers.

Wine is only healthy when it is consumed moderately, i.e. with respect, good-manners, culture and intelligence; in this way, you will truly enjoy it.

The greatest charms of wine lie in its aromatic nuances and aromas; neither drinking in excess nor drinking quickly increases this pleasure, but just the reverse.

Moderate wine consumption is healthy, even advisable, and brings pleasure. Slow drinking increases both pleasure and time of pleasure.

Never drink wine with an empty stomach, wine is made to accompany food and not as an objective in itself.

Pairing wine and food, as well as pairing wine and opportunities is an art.

In order to permanently avoid wine abuse and to reach a moderate and reasonable wine consumption, it is necessary to transmit wine knowledge inside a family environment as it was done in some regions thousands of years ago.

Families, particularly elders, who know of wine, must set them up as the main message spreaders and unquestionable moderation examples.

It is preferable not to drink wine on your own as it is a social drink to be enjoyed in company.

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