La Comarca


- South Subbaetic System:

This territorial unit comprises the municipalities of Los Villares, Valdepeñas, Frailes, Fuensanta de Martos, and east of Martos and north of Alcalá la Real. It is part of the Subbaetic System and has rugged terrain formed by compact rocks (limestone and dolomite) and deep holes and grooves dug in less compacted material (marl). Soil types are lithosol, alfisol and rhodoxeralfs. Regarding its agrologic capacity, these soils are of poor to medium quality, with some extremely poor areas and others ranging from medium to good quality, depending on its topographic situation. It consists of pasture, thicket, holm-oak woods and pine groves, and stockbreeding and hunting can be found in the most mountainous areas. The rest has an agricultural use and is allocated to olive groves, which spread on hillsides –sometimes growing on steep slopes with high erosion rates. There are also familiar vegetable gardens next to watercourses.

Altitude ranges from 800 to 1,500 metres. Average slope is more than 30 percent at some points. Hydrographic texture is medium to high and presents a subdentritic drainage system. Average yearly precipitation exceeds 650 mm.

This territorial unit is the source for several rivers and contains an important aquifer due to the substratum permeability.

- Detrital Covers in the southeast: Santa Ana-Mures-Alcalá la Real.

This territorial unit comprises most of the territory of Alcalá la Real, as well as small areas of Castillo de Locubín and Frailes.

It constitutes a depression (at a height of 800-900 m above sea level) with smooth and uneven topography in which there are plains, strongly dissected glacis and isolated hilltops. Average slope is less than seven percent.

Hydrographic texture is medium to high and presents a subparallel pinnate drainage system. Erosion rate is moderately high.

Medium-high quality brown-earth resin and limy brown-earth soil develop over a substratum made up of clay, sand, conglomerate and marl. In this area, prevailing olive groves alternate with areas of cultivated land. There are also horticultural farms on fertile plains and broad valleys (river Frailes).

Lithology consists of conglomerate, silt, sand and clay.

Soil types are inceptisol, xerocrept, entisol and xeronthens.
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