La Comarca

Except for some mountainous areas to the north-east and despite the existence of calcareous aquifers, Sierra Sur features a relative scarcity of water which results in a scarce water flow and deficient water storing in underground aquifers together with a null formation of ponds or water accumulation in the surface layer.

There are few permanent watercourses flowing scarcely and irregularly. Moreover, there are strong low water level periods and continuous water pumping to support agriculture.

The isohyets for the Sierra Sur show annual amounts of precipitations of 600 to 700 mm which generate sporadic torrential rains resulting in a massive destruction of soil –if vegetation has been previously removed.

The superficial hydrographic network is typical of semi-desert climates, with the existence of few permanent watercourses characterized by being very irregular and having a poor flow.

This area’s rainfall and lithology, chiefly permeable, augur the presence of important aquifers; however, there are some impervious boundaries which cannot be exploited due to their inadequate depth. Resources and water supplies have not been evaluated yet due to the complex structure of this Baetic System.


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