La Comarca

The climate of this area is determined by its geographical situation in southern Spain, relatively near the Mediterranean Sea, with some continental features due to its proximity to the Central Plateau of the Iberian Peninsula.

It also has a mountainous character together with a special position compared to the surrounding mountainous areas, which extend to the west and to the south, and contribute to its isolation from Mediterranean influences. This is why it can be defined as a Mediterranean climate with some continental features, characterized by the existence of two long and relatively extreme seasons: cool and wet winters and dry and warm summers with considerable temperature fluctuations. The other two seasons, spring and autumn, are short with moderate temperatures although there may exist big temperature jumps.

An uneven orography characterizes this territory. There can be found some isolated microclimates that form long-lasting severe frost in some deep areas, plateaux and the exposed hillsides of Frailes and some villages of Alcalá la Real.

This variety of parameters determines the existence of marked contrasts, chiefly regarding thermal conditions, with harsh winters in which temperature can drop to  -8˚C, particularly in the highest places (Alcalá la Real, Frailes and Valdepeñas de Jaén), and hot summers in the less high places located furthest north in the region.

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