La Comarca

The Sierra Sur mountains, set between the Guadalquivir Depression and the Intrabetic Depression of Granada and Guadix, constitute a natural obstacle which determines an interesting lie of the land with heterogeneous modeling, soil and vegetation.

The Sierra Sur mountains spread over two different geomorphological areas: the countryside of the Guadalquivir river and the Baetic System. On the eastern half, from Los Villares to Frailes, it is an area of rugged relief where the Sierras de Jaén, Alta Coloma and other mountain ranges outstand due to the existence of slopes approaching 30% and heights ranging from 400 to 1,700 metres.

Thus this region takes up a wide variety of shapes and structural units ranging from countryside to mountainous areas; this discontinuous landscape is characterized by being highly populated and having extensive olive groves with no possibility of expansion. Its varied geological substratum, climate and topography are present in the complex spectrum of soils existing in the region. However, according to the productivity or agrologic potential of each type of soil, a practical simplification can be found.

Soils with the highest potential are those situated in the fertile plains of the rivers and in the countryside –vertisols and poorly evolved alluvial soils, where there are not Triassic materials. On the contrary, the poorest soils are found in mountainous rocky areas.

Analysis of the climatic variables reveals the high agricultural potential of the area.

Roughly 70 percent of the land is agricultural land, mainly given over to the olive oil farming, which extends over two thirds of the region and determines irreversibly its landscape and economy.

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